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About IPS-Ingredis

Sourced with the utmost care to ensure the best product profile for your goods. Supplied by a team focused on the optimal way to get you what you need, quickly and reliably. We help you secure quality ingredients in a cost-optimized way. From anywhere around the world.

Headquartered in the Swiss canton of Zug, IPS-Ingredis is part of the IPS Group.

Sourcing, supplying and supporting formulations through product research, development and conceptualization.


Create Your Own Recipe


From product concept to researchdevelopment, and prototyping–here is why you should choose our R&D services:

Solving Modern Day Manufacturing Challenges
Solving Modern Day Manufacturing Challenges

We understand the challenges faced today in F&B manufacturing. Our R&D Team is able to improve your production processes using global standards and best practices to achieve production efficiency whilst quality improvements. Looking to create new and innovative product concepts? We can work with you to conceptualize new product prototypes and optimize the development process, so that you focus on delivering only the best products to your markets

Holistic Approach to Ingredient Proposals & Solutions
Holistic Approach to Ingredient Proposals & Solutions

Using quality ingredients in the right combination is how great products are developed. We can help you to improve your product design and formulation through our expert knowledge in the ingredients we source and their contributing characteristics in different product mixes. In doing so – we can help you find the ideal recipe for your product through costsaving approaches. Whether you’re looking for product innovation, re-innovation or even just the realization of your ideas – our trusted and experienced team can help you to achieve your goals.

Benefits Achieved for our Customers
Benefits Achieved for our Customers

With the help of IPS-Ingredis, our customers have successfully improved the organoleptic characteristics of their products – enhancing the overall experience for their end-consumer. Through our extensive R&D efforts – we are able assist with pre and post-launch studies for shelf life testing and product stability. Our services will enable you to position your product for new, and existing, market penetration through concise research, structured development and innovative product concepts & testing.

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