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About IPS-Ingredis

Sourced with the utmost care to ensure the best product profile for your goods. Supplied by a team focused on the optimal way to get you what you need, quickly and reliably. We help you secure quality ingredients in a cost-optimized way. From anywhere around the world.

Headquartered in the Swiss canton of Zug, IPS-Ingredis is part of the IPS Group.


Tara Gum Enters the Market as a Natural and Healthy Food Additive

The product represents a healthy and great alternative for low fat and low calorie food products, which are intensifying the demand of tara gum across the globe. It can also be utilized in cheese, ice cream, sauces and dressings, bakery products, yogurt, desserts, baby food and ready-made soups. The properties of tara gum are comparable to that of carob beans and guar gum, highly utilized in the different countries. Tara gum is utilized as a thickening agent and stabilizer in the food industry. Consumers display a positive attitude towards natural and organic ingredients, and in 2018 - tara gum will be also available in its organic form.

Growth in the $465 Million Aloe Vera Drinks Market – Led by Thailand

It goes without saying that aloe vera is very beneficial for one’s health. It has several health benefits like alkalinity, hydration, liver function, nutritious boost, digestive benefits which are mainly driving the growth of Aloe Vera market. One of the main reasons behind the growth of aloe vera based drinks is its high demand. The more people that are aware of the usage of aloe vera - more likely it is for them to consume it. Due to the new varieties of aloe vera based drinks coming up - consumers are more likely to purchase these drinks with array of options.

Booming Global Market for Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits provide a wide array of applications and benefits that help manufacturers to achieve healthy and innovative products without the need for artificial additives and ingredients – thereby boosting the annual demand for these products worldwide. The booming Australian citrus industry has led to a shortage of fruit during peak export season due to increasing global demand (ABC Australia), with Asian markets showing an increase in the demand for grapefruits this quarter (FreshPlaza).

Powering Performance in Trading Operations

To enhance application performance and reimagine trading operations, IPS-Ingredis partnered with leading cloud solutions provider SaaSplaza to power our customer solution offering. Read more about how this partnership improves IPS-Ingredis' business performance, security, and services to all our partners joining us in the ingredients industry digital revolution. 

Food & Drink Magazine Interviews IPS-Ingredis CEO

IPS-Ingredis CEO Patrick Schaerrer shares his vision to digitize and globalize the food and beverage ingredients business.

Announcing apricots’ arrival for this season

The previous apricot season in Europe ended with unfavorable yield due to bad weather conditions. Despite the late crop this year, Greece has delivered high quality apricots and supply is available from now thru September. Check out some of our exclusive prices for apricot puree and apricot puree concentrate, available from our trusted suppliers in Greece. 

Visit IPS-Ingredis at IFT19 in New Orleans, USA

Experience the latest innovations and trends in food and food technology through IFT’s (Institute of Food Technologists) annual event for industry professionals. With more than 1,000 companies exhibiting at the forefront of global food innovation, IFT is the collaborative space to meet like-minded individuals, grow your network and ‘feed your future’. IPS-Ingredis will take to the exhibition hall to showcase our latest developments in food, beverage and technology – bringing you refreshing new flavors and formulations from our R&D team, new and exciting specialty ingredients from our partners, and more features that you’ve been waiting for on our digital platform.

Visit IPS-Ingredis at SIAL China 2019

SIAL China is the 3rd biggest food show in the world, with 19 years’ experience in the market. Major market players from retail, hotel/restaurant/catering (HoReCa), food services, the import/export trade and manufacturing come to this show. Join us 

Visit IPS-Ingredis at Djazagro 2019

Created in 2003 in Algiers, Djazagro is the leading trade show for agri-food production, with more than 20,000 qualified and professional visitors from around the world. 

Achieving Global Sustainability Through Alternative Proteins

Did you know it is estimated that the world’s population will grow from 7 billion today to 9.5 billion in 2050? And that protein consumption is predicted to increase by 70% over that period? Read our latest industry insight into the world of alternative proteins as we search for more sustainable, affordable, and nutritional sources of food to meet growing global consumer demands. We reveal key figures about plant-based alternatives and how choosing insect proteins over beef and chicken can improve your overall health and well-being.

Global Overview of the Pineapple Market

At the moment, the price of pineapples on the world market is fairly stable. The quality is generally good. There are small volumes on the European market and both supply and demand are limited. The demand in Germany is declining compared to previous years. 

Superfoods Lead the Trend for Next-Generation Products

Originally coined as a buzzword in the language of food and health, superfoods are growing in popularity amongst conscious consumers, attributed to its core benefits in supporting overall nutrition, improving cognitive well-being, and driving environmental sustainability. The correlation between nutritional value and health benefits of these super ingredients continues to incentivize consumer purchasing decisions.


Mango madness fighting limited supply

Water scarcity and heat waves in India had a negative impact on the mango crop this season. With 40% less yield of Totapuri and 20% less yield of Alphonso compared to 2018, but continued high market demand, prices are anticipated to be significantly higher than the summer average (almost USD 200-300/MT more). If you're looking to source mango products, get in touch with us as soon as possible.  We’ll help you source the best quality mango and secure your order quantities at the best market prices.

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