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A Snapshot of the Sesame Seed Industry in 2017

18 Nov 2017

Year 2016-2017 witnessed price drops in the global sesame market. The stock reached a new record high, and at the same time - there was an increase in trade disputes, and many uncertainties prevailed in the sesame trade. In January-April 2017, China imported around 310,000 MT of sesame, totaling nearly USD300 million.


Entering 2017, the inventory of sesame seeds in China ports declined sharply and the price had oversold bounce, making a good start to the year. The price of African sesame seeds increased drastically and the selling prices dropped away from the purchasing price.


Production of 2017/2018 season sesame in Tanzania and Mozambique is expected to decrease by 50%. Since the sesame yields in Tanzania in 2016 was about 150,000 tons, the 2017 crop it is expected to be about 75,000 tons, which can be proven by the fact that the sesame price continues to increase and there are no goods to be purchased from this region.


Market Insights

Sudan expected to have abundant crop in 2017. The Sudan market scenario was unclear until 12th Oct as the situation was dependent on the sanction uplift. From week 42, Sudan sesame seeds market price became clearer and price is expected to reduce as the local Sudanese pound is getting depreciated against USD. Whereas if China will be aggressive in buying Sudan sesame seeds (as per last year) then it’s hard to predict market price fluctuation. As per current information, China will be looking to buy by end of November.


Our Recommendation

Given the current scenario, it is advisable to book smaller order quantities at regular intervals until market prices have somewhat stabilized.


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