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Organic Versatility and Natural Benefits Brings Long-Term Market Growth

12 Nov 2017

Citrus Fruits such as orange, blood orange, mandarin, grapefruit and lemon are among the most popular juices, are part of the ‘must have’ healthy drinks on every home table. These fruits represent a rich source of nutrition and vitamins, and are important additions to any diet lacking in fruits and vegetable intake.

Despite a year round availability of citrus, November 2017 to February 2018 is the winter period in many key regions of the world, which leads to peak crop levels of citrus fruits available in the market. Most citrus fruits begin to blossom during Spring, but start to mature during winter – enabling the crop to become sweeter and juicier. The result being a larger and more sustainable market supply over the period, with varietal selection, quality produce and competitive commercial rates.

During this time, Citrus-based products will remain popular in the Middle East and many European countries, with the possibility of some exotic juices proliferating as well. The liquid food industry is, and will continue to be, a growing market representing a big demand for future citrus crop. The three global trends currently observed in the food and beverage industry are primarily focused on:

  1. Naturalness
  2. Health
  3. Convenience

Citrus fruits are one of the key products in both food, and beverage, that is able to meet all three criteria due to its flexibility in manufacturing, production and consumption. These fruits also supply the key ingredients and nutritional value that drives innovative health food and beverage concepts that we see in the market today.

A 2016 survey conducted by Nielsen Group focused on health and ingredients, highlighted the top five ingredients that end users in the Middle East and Africa would avoid on their dietary requirements when selecting a product:


  1. Artificial Flavours (62%)
  2. Artificial Preservatives (62%)
  3. Artificial Colors (62%)
  4. Antibiotics or Hormones used in Animal Products (55%)
  5. Food Packaged with BPA (55%)

The major driving forces behind the growth for the liquid food industry are derived from naturally healthy products, denoted by the claims of:

  • Low/No/Reduced Sugar
  • Low/No/Reduced Allergen
  • Low/No/Reduced Calories
  • Functional
  • Organic
  • No Additives or Preservatives / Natural Ingredients

Citrus fruits provide a wide array of applications and benefits that help manufacturers to achieve healthy and innovative products without the need for artificial additives and ingredients – thereby boosting the annual demand for these products worldwide. The booming Australian citrus industry has led to a shortage of fruit during peak export season due to increasing global demand (ABC Australia), with Asian markets showing an increase in the demand for grapefruits this quarter (FreshPlaza).

Some of major exporters of citrus fruit saw tough times during the year, such as the US and South America who faced natural disasters and setbacks which affected the annual harvest. This put a strain on the global market supply of some fruits, but also opened the doors for potential markets to grow and expand in exportation – such as Australia.

With more benefits being discovered, from both the production and consumption, of citrus fruits – the global market growth for supply and demand of these products is limitless for the foreseeable future.

IPS-Ingredis is a trusted partner for sourcing and supplying the highest quality of citrus fruits from Europe and other major markets. For more information, view our online portfolio of products and request a quote today on www.ipsingredis.com




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