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IPS-Ingredis now Sourcing and Supplying Premium Quality Pistachio

24 May 2018

Based on the demand of our global customers, IPS-Ingredis is now able to provide four different varieties of Naturally Open in-shell (NO) and Mechanically Open in-shell (MO) pistachios in two types (Round and Long), that are most common.


Products Available

Naturally Open In-Shell Pistachios

Open in-shell pistachios are mostly exported as raw-dried and in bulk. Raw-dried pistachios have a practically unlimited storage life - if stored in relatively dry conditions Kernel content is about 54-59. Roasted pistachios are also can be evaluated.

Mechanically Opened (MO)

These are closed shell pistachios that have been mechanically opened along the suture of the nut to look similar to the naturally open pistachios. The difference with naturally open pistachios is a lower kernel weight to in-shell ratio (kernel content). Good quality MOs can have kernel content of 49-50%.


These are pistachios that have not opened naturally (on average 20% of the crop varying by variety and crop year). Closed-shell pistachios go for further processing, i.e. shelling, to produce natural kernels or are mechanically opened.

Natural Pistachio Kernels

These are obtained by shelling closed-shell (as well as very rarely open in-shell) pistachios. In contrast to cashews and peanuts, pistachio kernels are not usually used as a snack, but more as a food ingredient, used in bakery products, the chocolate industry, and cooking.


Are you looking to source Pistachio? Contact us today for more information and let us help you source the best quality of pistachio nuts at the most competitive market prices.


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