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IPS-Ingredis Takes On Circuit of Le Mans at the 10th PEARL IZUMI 24 Hours Cycling Race in France

25 Aug 2018

LE MANS, France: The IPS-Ingredis team is gearing up for what is expected to be the record-breaking cyclo-sportive endurance event held at the legendary Circuit of Le Mans (France) from the 25th – 26th August 2018.  


2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the PEARL IZUMI 24 Hours Cycling race – hosting 520 teams (500 teams in 2017) and more than 4,000 international riders from 20+ countries. As the name suggests – the event encompasses 24 hours of non-stop relay cycling – testing the endurance, speed and dedication of all participants in the race. IPS-Ingredis - a global food and beverage trading company headquartered in the Swiss Canton of Zug - and part of the IPS Group, will feature two mixed multinational teams (male and female) at the event. Though familiar with these types of races, having participated in many cycling events worldwide over a number of years, IPS-Ingredis is working towards developing a winning strategy to complete the race and achieve their goals as a unified team.


For some participants, the event signifies a new goal and personal challenge to conquer based on their dedication to the sport over a number of years. As per the words of Neil Moss, a 45-year old veteran cyclist from France: “I wanted to discover my limits and riding at Le Mans is the perfect environment – smooth roads, no traffic,  no excuses. My objective is to ride continuously, for at least 22.5 hours, and finish the event. However, I will also try to complete 120 laps to break the 500km barrier.”



Along with the physical and mental challenges that accompany the race – participants also have to prepare for conquering the track. The world-renowned Circuit of Le Mans, famous for hosting the greatest endurance races in the world, is considered a technical track with great corners and its famous Dunlop uphill. For IPS-Ingredis, the strengths and experience of each key team member will play a vital role in understanding, navigating and strategizing in preparation to take on Circuit of Le Mans.


IPS-Ingredis believes in the spirit of competition, and more so – the spirt of teamwork. The PEARL IZUMI is the ideal event for the team to demonstrate its dedication and commitment to achieving its goals, and promoting the well-being of its members - both in the office and on the track. Catch them in action at the race from the 25th – 26th August 2018.


More information about the event is available at www.24heuresvelo.fr.

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