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Only the Best in Quality for IPS-Ingredis' Strawberry IQF

5 Feb 2018

Strawberry is the most widely-adapted ‘small fruit’ across the world, due to its extensive commercial use in a range of different industries and applications, including beverage, dairy, bakery and confectionery.

Strawberries need moderate to hot climate conditions in order to develop and mature at the optimum crop level. It is a short-day plant which generally requires 10 days of 8 hours (or less) exposure to sunlight in order to initiate the flowering process. This type of climate is present in Egypt for most of the year – providing sufficient cultivation parameters to yield high quality strawberries during the crop season.

The agricultural landscape plays a key role in influencing the crop yield – as sandy terrain, with less greenery, provides the most suitable conditions for growth due to the soil conditions. The soil should be free of salt, nematode, fungi and insecticide with a pH level of 6.5-7.5, as characterized by that of Egypt’s terrain. Due to the presence of such favorable conditions – Egypt has become the second most important exporter of high quality strawberries worldwide.



Current Market Insights

Overall, the Egyptian strawberry harvest is set to increase in volume by 30%. At the beginning of the season (January), the Egyptian strawberries were more expensive due to a lack of supply. Furthermore, the implementation of strict legislation by the Egyptian government over the seasonal period (in an effort to reinforce food quality, hygiene and safety) led to many export suppliers requiring additional certification – which prompted a further reduction in available stock.



IPS-Ingredis Strawberry IQF

IPS-Ingredis sources the highest quality of strawberry from Egypt and supplies multiple industries in global markets. Being FDA-approved and Kosher-certified, the IPS-Ingredis’ Strawberry IQF is non-GMO (100% natural fruit) and has a shelf-life of up to 24 months. These whole strawberries are carefully selected, graded by machines, thoroughly washed and disinfected before proceeding to be individually frozen. Extra measures are taken to ensure that the products are free from wood, metal, plastic, stone, sand and other extraneous materials.


Containing zero additives or artificial pigmentation, the product is also free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, mycotoxins and radioactivity. The overall pH level is 3.2 - 3.8 with a Brix of 6-7%. Strawberry IQF can be used in a number of different applications, like Non-Dairy/Milk Substitutes, Baked Goods,  Dairy, Yoghurt, Desserts, Cakes & Pastries, Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD), Beverage, Ice Cream and Confectionary to name a few.


At IPS-Ingredis, we understand that each customer has varying needs. Hence, we are able to offer tailored and customized orders according to the required sizes, grades and dices.


Register your account today with IPS-Ingredis and request a quote online for Strawberry IQF.



Sources: Freshplaza, Supplier

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