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Paraguay Sesame Exports to Replace 'Lost' World Production in Future

12 Apr 2018

Sesamum indicum Sesame L., is an ancient oil crop supplying seeds for confectionery purposes, edible oil, paste (tahini), cake and flour. It is typically a crop of small farmers in the developing countries.


Sesame has important agricultural attributes. It is adapted to tropical and temperate conditions, grows well on stored soil moisture with minimal irrigation or rainfall, can produce good yields under high temperatures, and its grain has a high value.


Sesame world production areas have remained generally stable over the years, but in some countries the crop is being marginalised. A shortage of labour has pushed sesame to the less fertile fields. Left unchecked, sesame production may decrease in the foreseeable future.


This provides an opportunity for Paraguay to produce larger quantities of high quality sesame seed to replace ‘lost’ world production


Market Insights 


The Confectionery Sesame is produced almost entirely on the eastern region of Paraguay, most notably on the San Pedro, Concepción and Canindeyú departments. The Escoba variety (indicated for confectionery) is manually harvested and not heavily attached onto the "capsule". There would be large production losses if machinery was used in the harvesting process. Hence, it requires a significant number of workers to harvest it by hand, pushing up the overall price for this product.


The Mechanized Sesame is heavily produced on the western region of the country, often referred as the Chaco area. Harvest is due to start this week and will end in approximately 3 weeks. The harvest of the mechanized variety is much less complicated because of the use of Harvesters. In this variety the seeds are strongly attached to the "capsule" which requires the use of machinery during the harvest.



IPS-Ingredis sources only the best quality of Sesame Seeds from Paraguay. 


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