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Special Offer on Coconut

5 Dec 2018

Coconuts are a versatile fruit that contain high in a variety of essential nutrients that can be consumed as water, milk, or dried. The benefits of coconut are vast because it is packed with:

  • Electrolytes: provides a natural source of energy and is ultra-hydrating.
  • Fiber: aids in digestion.
  • Protein: aids in muscle regeneration.
  • Ascorbic acid, B vitamins, and potassium: aid in heart health and support the nervous system.
  • Copper and vitamin C: keep skin elastic and flexible.
  • Selenium: reduces joint inflammation and provide relief to those with arthritis.
  • Iron: builds strong bones.
  • Magnesium: causes relaxing effects physically and mentally.


It's a no-brainer as to why the superfood ingredients is so popular in a variety of applications, from Food and Beverage, to Bakery, Confectionery and Cosmetics. The global trend for healthier consumption is what drives consumers to choose coconut-related products, and manufacturers to shift production towards these types of goods. 


Key Trends:

  • Global coconut market value continues to grow at double digit rates (+49.2% from 2014-18).
  • Global coconut market volume is growing even at an even faster rate (+60.1% from 2014-18). 


Take a look at the latest offers on our range of coconut products with indicative prices. Need a more accurate quote? Click on 'Request a Quote' and provide us with more information so we can tailor an offer according to your needs. 



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