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Tara Gum Enters the Market as a Natural and Healthy Food Additive

15 Nov 2017

Tara gum is a natural product originating from South America, where the fruit grows from April to December. The global tara gum market is segmented on the basis of applications such as dairy, sauces and condiments which is further sub-divided into salad dressings, ketch-up and mayonnaise. Bakery is sub-segmented by cakes and pastries and processed fruit and vegetables. For Food and Beverage, applications include: liquid milks, water based flavored drinks, frozen desserts, mixed foods, prepared dishes, sauces and condiments. 


The product represents a healthy and great alternative for low fat and low calorie food products, which are intensifying the demand of tara gum across the globe. It can also be utilized in cheese, ice cream, sauces and dressings, bakery products, yogurt, desserts, baby food and ready-made soups. The properties of tara gum are comparable to that of carob beans and guar gum, highly utilized in the different countries. Tara gum is utilized as a thickening agent and stabilizer in the food industry. Consumers display a positive attitude towards natural and organic ingredients, and in 2018 - tara gum will be also available in its organic form.



20% more performance in comparison to carrageenan;

15% less cost in comparison to carrageenan;

33% less cost to achieve the same performance of 100% carrageenan (cost in use)


Best Synergism:

70% K-Carrageenan - 30% Tara gum



Our Recommendation


Tara gum can be used either as a substitute, or ideally in combination with, carrageenan for best results as a thickening agent.

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